Journal Entry: July 1, 2007

Seething with fury. I’d already typed up through Saturday night when my Firefox did something weird, and I lost it all. Grrrr!

Friday, June 29th
Our friend Julie is in town housesitting for some family for a couple weeks, so she stopped by Friday night after work to drop off some bead jewelry for T–, and visit with us some. Once she’d had her fill of AB, she went to hang out with T– who was at the church for a crop.

Around 7:30 B– and E– came over, and E– was so generous as to offer to watch AB while B– and I ran out for supplies. We hit Byron’s Liquor Warehouse where I got some Seagram’s 7, because B– had never had a 7 and 7. He’d also never had a Tattoo and Redbull, so I suggested we go by a grocery store and pick up some Coke and Redbull for that. It didn’t occur to me, somehow, that I also needed 7-Up. So B– had his first Tattoo and Redbull Friday night (and his second, and his third), and we both had our first Seagram’s 7 on the rocks. It was pretty good….

We also picked up some magnificent barbecue while we were out. When we got back, we ate, and drank, and talked. We also turned on an episode of Firefly, but twenty minutes in we paused it because AB was fussing, or something on that order, and never ended up unpausing it. We talked much of days gone by. It was really fun.

Around 11:30, they headed home. I kept telling myself as soon as T– got home, I’d go for my walk. She got home, and I didn’t. Six days in, and already I’ve failed my goal to walk daily. I stayed up until midnight, posted Saturday’s Sleeping Kings story (so it’d show up on the right date), and then went to bed.

Saturday, June 30th
Saturday, I didn’t write at all. Instead, I slept in, to a dramatic degree. I finally got up and around sometime around 11:00, and discovered that it hadn’t rained at all yet today. So I went out and mowed, as I’m sure 90% of the homeowners in town did that morning. I also sprayed the foundation of the house for bugs, and moved several piles of branches out to the curb for big trash day.

In the afternoon, T– and I ran up to Old Navy so I could finally get the new shorts I’ve been yacking about all week. I got a pair of jean shorts and a pair of workout shorts, both of which are extraordinarily comfortable. I’m very satisfied.

Then in the evening, Julie came by again. We visited some, and after she mentioned she was a huge fan of the Deschanel sisters (and explained who they were), we ended up watching Big Trouble, which she had never seen before. That’s always a fun one. Then we watched Happy Texas, which is on the same disc, and also she’d never seen before.

Shortly after that, she headed home. I stayed up to play some Civ, and then around 11:30 realized I hadn’t gone for a walk yet. T– argued that my yard work should count, but since I’d skipped the night before, I felt bad. So I went, full route, as fast as I could, and felt a lot better about myself. When I got home, I crashed.

Sunday, July 1st
And this morning, I felt awful. Between the work and the workout, I was sore all over by the time I woke up. Worth it, though. One week in, I weighed myself this morning and I’ve lost eight pounds in the first week. It tends to go like that, though. The first ten fall right off, and then nothing for a month. I’m not looking forward to that.

We went to church, and then came home and I wrote up today’s Sleeping Kings post. Only three more to the end of the story! I’m really excited about that. I guess I’ve said that every day this week, haven’t I? Forgive me. It’s a big deal for me.

This afternoon was a little bit lazy. We watched some Andy Richter Controls the Universe, which was a fantastic show, back when it was on. We also watched She’s the Man, a rough take-off of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in the same vein as 10 Things I Hate about You. It’s not as good as that one, but not as bad as it could be. It burned a couple hours for us, is what I’m getting at.

Then I spread some weed-n-feed on my yard, and then D– went with us to Friday’s where we met K– and N– and N–‘s mom for dinner. It was a really fun evening. I don’t think I remember a time a group like that has been that talkative. For pretty much the whole time we were there we had at least two conversations going simultaneously.

And, of course, the food was delicious. T– and I split the Jack Daniels Tower (ribs, chicken, and shrimp), and I had a Redbull Berry Blast Slush to drink. It was interesting.

Came home, then D– and I went for a walk, and spent the hour talking. After that, he went home, and I came here, to type this up. And Firefox lost half of my submission and I had to retype it, and you can bet your ass I’m still grouchy about that. But now I’m going to feed the kittens, and then I’m going to bed.

Hope you had a good weekend. This next week should be interesting, given the mid-week holiday. I’ll keep you posted.