Journal Entry: Monday, June 25th

I made chili for dinner last night, which was delicious. T– and D– complained that it was too spicy, but I don’t get that. I’m not exactly good at predicting how spicy something will be, while making it, but I can usually tell exactly how spicy something is when I’m eating it. And last night’s chili was not particularly spicy, in my mind….

Anyway, no matter where you come down on that debate, all parties agreed that it was tasty. So yay. I really enjoy making my chili, and it always makes for at least one lunch of leftovers.

I made some salsa, too, for the party last Friday night, and we snacked on that some last night before dinner. It was fantastic. I spent all day planning to go home and eat some salsa, and then I did. It’s not often I follow through on my ambitions like that, but so rewarding when I do….

Okay, fine, speaking of that: I went for a walk again last night. That makes two in a row. If I can make a week, I’m going to buy some new shorts to celebrate. Here’s hoping.

I got home around 9:40, and I’ve decided to try to drink two full glasses of water after walking, so I stayed up to do that. And, while I was walking, I spent the whole time reviewing the rest of the plot of Sleeping Kings (or, specifically, the first book), and while I was drinking my water I decided I really needed to get some of those ideas written down.

So I wrote out a synopsis of the rest of the book, with target dates for each segment. It took over an hour, but when I was done…I think I have something that’s very doable, in a really reasonable timeframe.

Someone in Texas is reading Sleeping Kings. They started on page one last Friday. I’m guessing it’s either my aunt or N–‘s step-dad, but they haven’t left any comments yet so I don’t know for sure. Time will tell.