Journal Entry: Sunday, June 24th

Closer and closer….

My comment yesterday was, “hopefully I’ll get a couple more pages written.” All told, I got eleven pages done (T–‘s parents’ church is a kinda long-winded one). Most of it is mediocre stuff, but it gets me from where I am in the story, to where I want to be (where, hopefully, the quality will pick up as I write through the climax).

At this point, I know every single event that needs to happen between now and the end of the story. There may be a couple extra bits that present themselves for inclusion, but I’ve got, not just an outline, but the actual story in my head. I just need to write it down.

I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself, though.

Yesterday, after church, we had some amazing steaks. T– had agreed to give her mom some design advice for the relatively new house, so I knew we’d be sticking around for a while, so I took A–b– downstairs to watch some TV while we waited. We watched parts of Men in Black and that movie where Tim Allen and Kristie Brinkley go into hiding in an Amish community, and Hitch. I recommend the Will Smith ones, again.

That’s from past experience, though. Yesterday I didn’t really watch them. I fell asleep, with A–b– on my chest. I did a lot of napping this weekend. Apparently T–‘s parents both asked her at different times why I didn’t bring along a computer this time (I usually do, and then spend the whole weekend glued to it). Turns out leaving it at home didn’t make me any more social — I just ended up sleeping.

I did get a lot of good rest this weekend, though. Yay for that!

On the drive home, T– and I had an amazing conversation. One of the best conversations about us that we’ve had in years. I found it very encouraging.

When we got home, around eight, I dropped T– off to feed the baby, and ran up to Pizza Hut to pick up a couple P’zones, which were quite delicious. We watched some TV while we ate, and by the time the episode was over, it was already nine.

I’ve been telling myself for a week now that tonight I’m going to start going for a vigorous, exercisey walk every single night. I hadn’t followed through on it once. Then, during yesterday’s conversation, among a lot of other things, I told T– about that conviction in the hopes she could help hold me to it. So, last night, after eating way too much P’zone (it was really good), and only being in my home for an hour after a weekend away, I made myself spend the second hour home going for a walk, in spite of the excuses.

It was good, I’m glad I did. I think I did about a forty minute walk last night (my goal is closer to fifty, and probably at a significantly faster pace than I managed last night), and while I was walking, I put together all the pieces I was missing to finish Sleeping Kings. I discovered a couple extra scenes, a couple really strong plot twists that’ll make the impending battle a little less one-sided, I think. And I got some good exercise while I was at it.

Then I woke up this morning with incredibly sore legs. I’m going for a walk again tonight, anyway. It’s important enough to make time for. I get that.

Today’s been slow. Work is dull, and I’m only making progress at a snail’s pace. Around here, they just call that job security.

Hope everyone had a good weekend.