Journal Entry: Thursday, June 28th

Heh, this is getting very confusing. Every day this week, I’ve written a post on alexpoet about yesterday, and a post for SleepingKings that’ll go up tomorrow. It’s wiggin’ me out.

I guess that can end early next week, though. Teehee.

All I’ve got left is the action sequence, and the epilogue (also known as the “denouement,” which is French for when we finish off the bad guys). There was a lot of setup that had to go in before I could get to the action sequence, and I was pretty concerned about getting through that, but as of today (tomorrow, in terms of public viewing) it’s done. And, actually, the scene I wrote today was another of those few scenes I’ve had in my mind since day one. In my opinion, anyway, it went as well as I could have hoped. Feel free to judge it harshly, though, and say so in the comments, when you read it tomorrow.

Yesterday was another muggy day. Seventeenth day in a row that it’s rained (and today makes the eighteenth). That has been wild. I found out yesterday I’m on the list to get green-badged (which is our way of saying “moved from contractor to Federal employee”), which has several long-term benefits for me. So that’s pretty cool. Otherwise, the changes at my work are still in flux.

T– went to Tulsa for work yesterday, and left AB (I’m just gonna call her “AB” — it’s an unGoogleable nickname, so I’ll use it without the dashes) with E–. After work, I picked her up and chatted with B– and E– for a while (catching them up on my work situation), and then headed over to K– and N–‘s place to drop off a printout of the most recent SleepingKings posts, for them to read on their trip this weekend. While I was there, I learned (erroneously, it turned out) that I didn’t have any bottles for AB, so I had to rush home to feed her when she got fussy. Not before I made a delicious mini-pizza, though. Hooray for leftovers.

So, by that point it’s already 7:15. The only milk we had was frozen, so I went ahead and gave AB her cereal while the milk was thawing (we usually do those two in the opposite order), which is a horrific mess. Possibly the most unpleasant thing I do with my baby (she hasn’t started making the really awful diapers yet).

Usually, T– does the feeding (and the diapers, for that matter), but she didn’t even get out of Tulsa until 7:00, and the baby was hungry. So I fed her cereal, and then changed an explosively dirty diaper, and then gave her a bottle, and then changed another explosively dirty diaper. It was a wild night. Then I put her in her bed, went out to the garage to feed the kittens and change the litter box, and by the time I came back into the house, AB was sound asleep.

Ten minutes later (which is to say, 8:45), T– got home. We talked a little bit about her day, and then I went out for my walk.

Remember what I said about it raining? I was out for about fifteen minutes before it started to sprinkle. It got progressively stronger, and by half an hour it was really seriously raining. I decided to keep at it, though. Every single block on my route has a turn that will basically lead me straight back home, in a shortcut. The night before last, though, I only half did my walk, because D– was with me, and he was wearing flip-flops. So I decided, rain or no, to do it right.

By the time I got home, an hour after I left, I was drenched. Sodden. Quite inundated. Still, there was a little bit of satisfaction knowing I stuck it out. So there’s that. I’m at five days in a row, now. It’d be easy to skip tonight, because I’m hanging out with B–, but I’ll bet I can talk him into going with me. We’re planning on getting drunk, anyway, so he should be quite suggestible.

Have a good weekend. Enjoy tomorrow’s Sleeping Kings. It’s a good one.