Journal Entry: July 1, 2008

Yesterday, as I said, I slept late. I got in to work around 10:00, spent some time on my major project, then at noon ran up to Taco Bueno to grab a real quick lunch.

And, when I got there, discovered that I had no check card. I’d loaned it to T–, who lost hers last week, and failed to get it back. So there I was, half an hour from home, two hours into what was already going to be a remarkably short day, and looking at the prospect of a 2-hour lunch (or, worse yet, no lunch at all).

So I called home and told T– to expect me, then I called work and told them I wasn’t coming back. I had plenty to keep me busy for the afternoon.

I went home and T– had a hot sandwich waiting for me, then she drove up to Wal-Mart with me so I could drop off the car for a pair of new tires. Afterward, I made a couple calls and scheduled an emergency visit to the chiropractor (in the hopes of getting off those pain pills that may or may not have been causing me to sleep in).

The chiropractic visit was a qualified success. I immediately felt better, but lost some of that over the course of the day. Having spent a day acutely monitoring my own pain situation, I’m pretty confident at this point that it’s getting better, but it wasn’t an immediate fix. Still, better is better.

Next we swung by Wal-Mart to pay for the car, then ran up to the gym and did our hour. I only did about 10 minutes of cardio (after my full strength training, that is) because I didn’t want to interfere with my back’s recovery, and it rather felt like I was. I spent the rest of the time chatting with K–. N– was there, too, but she was in an aerobics class for pretty much the whole time.

Afterward, T– dropped me off at Wal-Mart, and I picked up dinner and a movie on the way home. While we ate we tried to pick up where we’d left off in Lost (now that we’re out of Boston Legal, pending a delivery or two from Blockbuster Online), but we’ve gotten into the most recent season, and the episodes are fresh enough on our minds that we didn’t really get into rewatching them. Instead, I turned on Arrested Development and we watched six episodes before we went to bed.

I didn’t take the painkiller last night, and I did wake up on time this morning. I can’t posit a causal link there — I’m just reporting the facts. At work, Irene is back from maternity leave, and I got to spend a pleasant half hour catching her up on the state of things during her long absence. It’s good to have her back.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.