Journal Entry: July 2, 2008

Yesterday T– had business up in Tulsa, so after work I ran out to miss Carla’s place to pick up AB. She’d spent most of the afternoon playing in the dirt, so she was filthy but in a terrific mood.

I was running late enough that T– got home only fifteen to twenty minutes after I did. We had dinner (Taco Bell for her and a can of chili for me), and watched a couple episodes of Arrested Development, then a couple episodes of Boston Legal.

We’ve been very into TV shows lately, clearly. Part of that is because I’m not otherwise occupied. AoC, while a well-crafted game, has not managed to hold my attention. I imagine I’ll cancel my account, but it just renewed so that still gives me access through nearly the end of this month.

I am fascinated by Spore, and I desperately hope that it lives up to its potential. Even if it doesn’t, it should provide enough entertainment to justify its cost. I plan on hooking up a PC to the living room TV, and letting AB watch me develop a Sumo Bug super race. I think she’ll enjoy that.

That doesn’t come out until September, though.

In the meantime, I’m doing a lot of reading and, of course, watching a lot of TV with T–. I have almost no interest in any of my writing projects right now, which is a real shame. I’ve tried, but I haven’t much gotten into it.

Oh! T– was in Tulsa yesterday for work, as I said, and she had some time available to swing by the house. Seems the roof isn’t in nearly as bad of shape as I’d been led to believe. I was worried the next heavy rain would pour into the house and destroy our new carpet, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be anything of the sort. We still have to get the roof replaced, but the timeline isn’t quite so urgent. That’s a little stress off me.

My back is feeling a lot better, too. There’s still persistent pain, which there shouldn’t be, but it is so much less severe than it was at the start of the week. I’m optimistic that it’s finally healing, and will be all better by the weekend.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.