Journal Entry: June 25, 2008

Yesterday, again, T– watched my niece Sophy as a favor for my sister. She had planned to just take both of the girls back to the gym (since we’re already paying a flat monthly fee for childcare anyway), but she decided at the last minute that she had enough patience to watch them herself.

More power to her. I got home from work, and locked myself in the office.

Actually, I’d made plans with D– to take care of some stuff in AoC, back when I thought she was going to the gym, and she said she figured she could get by without my help. So I spent a couple hours killing werewolves while they played in the kiddie pool out back and then came in and fought over who got to play with the toy telephone.

T– made up some delicious chicken quesadillas for dinner, and then I retreated back to my office again. I finally came out around 8:15, and played with AB for an hour while we waited for my brother-in-law to show up to pick up Sophy.

Once he got there, we watched an episode of Boston Legal, and then went to bed. I couldn’t sleep, though (second night in a row), and ended up sleeping late this morning. That’s frustrating.

Oh, I did make a phone call and got some reassuring news concerning my insurance problems, briefly mentioned yesterday. So that’s not as stressful, and I might make it through the month. Good news, all around.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.