Journal Entry: June 24, 2009

Years and years and years ago, back when we were in college, T– and I went to the British Isles on a mission trip. We spent six weeks working with kids in VBSs and summer camps.

One of the young women at the last camp was named Siobhan, which is pronounced “shuh von” or something along those lines. She went by “Chevy.” As interested as I am in words, I found her name remarkable.

When I go to check Facebook these days, about a third of the time under “People You May Know” it’ll put forth a Siobhan Townsend. The first few times I saw that I clicked it, fascinated, but it’s just some lady who works at the FAA with me.

It’s Celtic, in case you’re wondering, so it worked better for the girl in Scotland than I imagine it does for the grown woman in OKC….

I’m avoiding my daily activity report because yesterday was bad news, and it lingers. I got in the car to drive to work yesterday morning, and the air conditioner still didn’t work. I was running a little late, and yesterday was ridiculously hot, so that was an unpleasant experience. There was also a Brake warning light on the dash, which made me nervous at highway speeds, and it has persisted. I also discovered that the automatic window control for the passenger rear window no longer works, and that the automatic locks no longer worked either. The switch on the driver door wouldn’t lock or unlock that door, and when I pulled the tab manually, it only unlocked the one door (where it usually automatically does all the others, too).

Those last two are just convenience things (and I would throw the A/C in with that, too, except for the ridiculous heat), but that’s a ton of seemingly unrelated stuff that all cropped up within a twenty-four hour window. That makes me nervous that something else, bigger, has gone wrong somewhere deep in the heart of the beast. I’ve got an appointment with the car doctor on Friday, to try to sort it out.

After work I watched some Dora with AB, and T– made some awesome peppered chicken, and then D– and I figured out how to play Civ over the internet, so we were able to finish off our compelling victory and start on a game that might offer middling success. We’ll see how it plays out.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.