Journal Entry: June 29, 2009

Maybe I’ll get back to daily eventually. For now, here’s a big update!

Last Wednesday night we went to Poblano’s for dinner, with D– and my little sister, and K– and N–. The tamale dinner was good as always, and too much food as always. T– and my sister had to rush out early to get to church for their class, but they weren’t too rushed.

D– and I went back to the house and started up a game of Civ that took up most of the rest of the evening.

Thursday I used T–‘s car to drive to work, and my sister graciously provided her with transportation for the day. When evening rolled around, I drove up to Edmond to pick her and AB up, and we had dinner there at my sister’s place. D– came along, too, and we spent a little time socializing. AB was tired, though, so we headed home to put her in bed. Then T– turned on New in Town while D– and I played Civ in the living room. The movie was horrible, and the game was worse.

Friday I took off work to get my car fixed. We dropped it off at K&C first thing in the morning, then I watched AB while T– went to a ladies’ lunch and ran some errands. The original plan had been to leave AB with a babysitter, and when I found out I was taking the day off I talked D– into taking a vacation day, too, so we could play Civ all day. Babysitter canceled on us, though, so I got to do that.

D– came over anyway, though, and we played a little disjointed Civ until AB went down for a nap. Then we got a good hour or two in before she woke up.

Friday night T– and I ran out to grab some Taco Bueno for dinner, and then spent the evening watching Jimmy Fallon and Conan O’Brien. Pretty fun evening.

Saturday I slept in, then went up to the mall with T– and AB for lunch in the food court. Afterward we went over to the kids’ play area there and let AB romp for half an hour or so. She had a great time, and she played well with the other kids. Then I dropped the girls off at the house and took my new chainsaw over to B–‘s for a little topiary work. The project took all of eight seconds, but I hung around for forty minutes or so chatting.

Then I got home while AB was still napping, and T– said a quick goodbye and headed up to church to prep for her crop. I worked on a programming project for an hour or so, then AB woke up and we played in her room for a while. We watched some Dora, I tried and failed to make a grilled cheese sandwich, and then we did puzzles for almost an hour before bedtime. She loves puzzles these days, and she’s remarkably good at them.

After she went to bed I got back to work on my programming project, and I was still doing that when T– got home around midnight. I finished it up around then, packed it up, and shipped it off to Toby to fix all the problems I’d created. That’s what a mentor is for, right?

Sunday morning T– and AB took our only car to go to Bible class while I was still in bed, so K– and N– came by on their way to services and picked me up. We had a quick breakfast, and then a church service in which I only got two pages written because I spent most of it helping AB color her pages.

We went to Braum’s for lunch with them and D–, and afterward D– came over for the afternoon so we could try to break our losing streak. After three pretty bad wins in Civ, we started a game with a terrible map but we caught some lucky breaks and managed to put together a pretty encouraging game. I had to break it off around five, though, because T– had dinner plans.

We went to Hafer Park up in Edmond for a picnic, joined by three or four couples from our Small Group at church, as well as K– and N–. We ate in the gazebo on the pond, and then AB and I walked around it to feed the ducks, and then T– took AB to play on the play equipment while K– and I ran to a nearby snowcone stand for some snowcones. After that I played with AB on the playground for half an hour or so, and then we headed home.

It was 8:30 by the time we got in, so we put AB down to bed, and then I contact D– on GMail and we finished our game. It was looking really, really promising right up until the point where we lost. Gandhi beat us with a Culture Win, and there was nothing we could do to stop him. Alas.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.