Journal Entry: May 14, 2009

Tuesday night I got home late from work, but I still ended up doing thirty minutes on the elliptical before dinner. D– came over, and T– made this peppercorn turkey breast that was phenomenal.

After that we watched the Biggest Loser three-hour season finale (while D– read a novel and I played the original Fallout), and then it was time for bed.

Yesterday T– had to work, so AB went to the babysitter’s. We have a couple ladies at church who are great with AB and are willing to watch her for free, but the price we end up paying is her missed nap. They have too much fun with her to try to make her go to sleep, so she just spends all afternoon running around and rolling in the dirt.

T– picked her up and had her home by 5:00 and she put her down for a quick nap before church, but when she tried waking her up at 5:45 to get ready for dinner, the girl threw an almighty fit. It was crazy. She’s always cranky when she wakes up mid-nap, but this was nuts. T– ended up putting her back in bed, and I went to dinner without them.

I met D– and K– and N– at Qdoba, and D– and K– ended up spending most of the time talking about work stuff. That gave me a few minutes to get caught up with N–, which was nice.

While we were there, we started watching the severe weather coverage on the TVs, and by the time D– and I got back to the house it was pretty clearly Lost was gonna get preempted. We held out hope anyway.

With the same level of faith, K– and N– came by after church, and when we switched to the show (after AB went to bed a little early), it was actually on. They saved the weather reports for the commercial breaks, and opened them all with, “Don’t worry, you’re not missing any Lost.” It was a two-hour season finale, and we were an hour and twenty-eight minutes into it when I guess they found some rotation or maybe it was because the metro area was threatened, but they finally decided we could just miss Lost after all. So we saw a chunk of it, but didn’t actually get up to the Incident. Lame!

We watched the actual weather for another half hour or so, and saw the tornadic system split in two and neatly dodge Edmond and northwest OKC. Nice that. The winds we got yesterday were crazy anyway, though — there’s limbs and trees down all over our neighborhood, and one neighbor ended up with a whole tree toppled out of his front yard and right across the drive. Nasty stuff.

Anyway, no actual damage at our place, and apart from the disappointment of missing the end of the show, things are going pretty well.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.