Journal Entry: May 18, 2009

Last Thursday night I came home from work, played with AB a little bit, and then T– and I settled in to watch the rest of Lost as soon as possible. When that was done we still had The Office and Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock to watch, so it was a busy evening and swiftly done.

D– caught me on Google Chat around nine and suggested we go for a walk, so that kept me up even later. It was worth it, though. We figured out Lost.

Friday I got to leave work an hour early to pick up T– and AB for T–‘s ultrasound, which was the big one. You’ve all heard by now, but I learned then that we’re expecting a boy. Awesome. As T– mentioned on her blog, we went out for celebratory ice cream at Freddy’s.

Then we had dinner with D– and K– and N–, as well as her visiting dad and his wife and…mother-in-law? I think that’s right. Anyway, we went to Papa Dio’s, a fantastic Italian place right around the corner from our place. The food is incredible there. We all had a great time.

Saturday I slept late, and didn’t really get cleaned up and going until after ten. Shortly after that Diana showed up to take AB to the zoo so T– and I could go watch a movie. We went with D– to see Angels and Demons. I’m not a Tom Hanks fan (unless he’s starring opposite a young Meg Ryan or two or three) and I’m not a Dan Brown fan, so my opinion on the movie is heavily biased. But the movie didn’t really do anything to change my bias. For what it’s worth.

Shortly after the movie B– and E– came over to drop off their little one with T– so the rest of us could go play laser tag. E–‘s…umm…sister-in-law’s brother (or some such) was in town visiting, and he wanted to get the true American experience. Or E– just didn’t want him to be bored the whole time. Whatever, she came up with plans, and we followed through.

K– met us there, too, so we had a whole crowd. It was only the second time I’d ever done laser tag (and I don’t remember the first time at all, except that it happened), and…not really what I expected. Way more fun. More exhausting, too. We only played one game, and we old men couldn’t have done more than that. Out of 34 people, K– came in second, and E– seventh. We were quite proud of them. The rest of us landed between 15 and 20.

After that everyone went there separate ways, although D– came back to our place and bought us pizza. We started Hellboy II (at long last) and got about 30 minutes into it before T– decided she was ready for bed. I stayed up a while later playing Fallout.

Sunday morning I got up and mowed the lawn before church. I also got to deliver a copy of Ghost Targets: Expectation to our preacher, who read and loved Gods Tomorrow. I’m looking forward to some great feedback from him.

T– and I picked up some fajitas to go from On the Border, for lunch, and then afterward I ran up to the mall to grab some new shorts (and ended up with a full shopping list). When I got home, I helped T– rearrange some furniture (in preparation for setting up the new nursery), and we were about halfway through with that when B– showed up for another of E–‘s planned activities.

This time it was just B– and the sister-in-law’s brother and D– and me, but we went to Bricktown to watch a Red Hawks game. That’s minor league baseball, in case you don’t regularly follow the team. The display of athleticism was pitiful and not worth the price of admission, but the weather was perfect, and it was a nice afternoon out with the guys. Not too shabby.

After that D– and I ran up to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, since T– was at Small Groups at the church. When she got home I put AB down to sleep, and then we watched a little TV.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.