Journal Entry: May 19, 2009

Yesterday I finally got a Google Profile built for Aaron Pogue. There’s a basketball player of the same name who was some sort of phenomenon in high school, so this is the first time typing my name into Google has ever revealed a single result related to me. (I’m right there at the very bottom of the first page, and it’s just my Google Profile).

I have grand plans for my personal website, but web design sounds too much like work to me, so I never really get around to it. Still, that’s the purpose here. If I ever do get a real website up, I’ll need some way to direct people to it rather than sports articles about some high school kid from five years ago.

My evening yesterday was pretty quiet. T– and AB were at the mall when I got home, so I went ahead and did my workout. By the time I was done, T– had soft tacos on the table. I mixed up some salsa, we all had a delicious dinner, and then we went for a quick walk through the neighborhood. After that AB went to bed, we watched Rules of Engagement and How I Met Your Mother, and then it was pretty much bed time.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.