Journal Entry: April 1, 2009

Yesterday at work I got started on my application to OU. I wrote several of my old professors requesting letters of reference (and already got two positive responses, which is enough for the actual requirements). I signed up to take the GRE next Monday, and prepared a 50-consecutive-page writing sample (I just went with the first four chapters of Gods Tomorrow), and updated my resume. All I’ve got left to do is prepare a letter of intent — a 3-page essay describing my career goals and why I think OU should admit me to their program. I can handle that.

After work I had a pretty short evening. I got home while T– and AB were out shopping, so I went straight to the office for a quick workout. I did 25 minutes on the elliptical, and probably could have done 35 but I was still sore from Monday and didn’t want to overdo it.

After that I grabbed a quick shower, and then we headed up to Schlotzky’s to meet my little sister and her family for dinner. AB was incredibly excited to go play with Sophie and Lola — and, yes, I misspelled Sophie there somehow (according to her mother), but I can’t remember how she says it’s supposed to go, so that’ll have to do.

Anyway. I played the evil father and made AB sit in her chair until we were all done eating, then she got down and the three girls ran wild in the mostly-empty restaurant while we talked. We eventually got a little tired of that, so T– invited them to come over to our place, and we let the girls run wild in AB’s room while we talked.

They eventually headed out around 8, and then I did some chores in the kitchen while T– gave AB a bath. After that, AB went to bed and T– and I watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother. It was okay.

Then I headed to the office, and spent most of my writing time chatting with D–. I did put in some time on prewriting for a new novel I’ve been working on since Sunday morning. (I got the idea for it on the drive to church.) I threw together a Project Report over on my other page, in case you’re curious. Should be fun to write, but it’s appended to the end of a very long To Do list as far as my novels go, so don’t hold your breath for an opportunity to read it.

I went to bed around 11, and woke up early feeling miserable. Remember how I didn’t want to overdo it? Well I did. I still think I’m going to go workout when I get home this evening, but I’m sore all over. That’s the penalty for going so long without doing anything at all, though. Ugh.

I did get some more writing done on my GT book over lunch, today. Chapter 6 is done, at 24,000 words. It turned out more dramatic than I’d expected, so that’s cool.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.