Journal Entry: April 2, 2009

Yesterday T– started potty-training AB.

And it was a miserable day for everyone. The end.

Actually, lots of other stuff happened, but it would have been fun to leave the whole post at that.

Anyway, after work I got home and spent a little time talking with AB, trying to reinforce some of the work T– had done over the course of the day. AB was sick of talking about it by then, though, so I gave up pretty quickly and retired to my office for a quick workout. I put in a full thirty minutes (which was tough), then grabbed a quick shower and afterward ran up to McDonalds to grab some dinner for us all.

D– brought over a pita, and we all ate together, then I tried taking AB to the bathroom for more training, but she just wasn’t having any of it. And I’ve just decided that, as much as it’s going to be a big factor in our lives for the next few weeks (I pray that it’s only a few weeks…), nobody is going to want to read about it. So I’ll skip over that.

K– and N– came over 7:30-ish, and we spent some time visiting while we waited for Lost to come on. About twenty minutes into Lost AB’s bedtime rolled around, and after an exhausting day of new and terrifying ideas, and then the party atmosphere of having K– and N– over at the same time as D–, she had no interest in going to bed. She wailed for half an hour. T– and I took turns trying to get her to go to sleep, and I think she finally exhausted herself with all the struggling and crying.

After that we were able to finish the episode and actually pay attention to what was going on, and it was a good one. Then K– and N– headed home, and D– hung around to watch an episode of Better Off Ted with us, which was fantastic. Then T– turned on Law and Order so he headed home and I headed to my office.

It was 10:00 by then, and I’d already gotten a lot of writing done over lunch, so I wasn’t really planning to do much. I went ahead and pulled up my book on Google Docs, though, and I was at the beginning of the chapter where the stricken wife spills the details on the big secret that was my inspiration for the whole book in the first place. So I decided to put in half an hour, and ended up doing two hours. Chapter seven is half done now, and I could have finished it last night but I made myself get to bed.

After all, I have a real job to do.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

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  1. Oops! Yes! Baby Jason was there, too, and he was adorable. He took a nap in our bedroom, but I think we were all secretly happy when he started crying, because that meant we got to hang out with him.

    We also got to learn the secret of Jason’s tight swaddling — a special blanket designed for just that purpose — and I think we’re going to have to get some of those for our next little one. He certainly seems content when he’s all bundled up.

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