Journal Entry: August 19, 2008

My life feels…weird when I’m not addictively playing a video game.

I suppose I should get to that point with my writing, where I’m sitting up all evening at home working on Sleeping Kings while I watch CSI with T–, or whatever, but that takes a lot more focus. For me, video games are about winding down, after a day spent dealing with people at work.

Anyway, that’s all old discussion. Yesterday I went to the gym after work, and spent 45 minutes on the treadmill. My physical therapist said I could do anything that wasn’t directly painful, so I may go ahead and start working on strength training again, sooner than I’d intended. I don’t want to do anything to slow my recovery (because it’s already been a ridiculous percent of forever), but 45 minutes on the treadmill is dull. I’m not jogging, even. I get up to a 4 mph walk, but that’s just enough to make my feet hurt without really feeling challenging.

So, yeah. I’ll go back to arm and chest workouts, anyway. I might do them sitting instead of standing, but at least I’m doing something.

And that’s probably way more than you wanted to know about my infrequent workouts, but it’s what’s on my mind. After the gym last night, we played with AB for a while, and T– made some fantastic quesadillas, and then we watched The Wedding Singer. Neither of us had seen it in a while, and my computer’s recent demise rather limited our options, so there ya go.

It was pretty fun. I enjoyed it, although I can probably go another eight years before watching it again. No big deal.

After that I turned on an episode of New Adventures of Old Christine, because it was the only thing new on the TiVo (and, as it happened, a rerun we both remembered), and did some chores while we chuckled at the jokes. Then I went to bed early, but couldn’t sleep because I’d had a nap right after work. I stayed in bed, though, because what else was there to do? I’m sure I drifted off well before midnight.

And then I came into work on time today, and T– went to Tulsa for work, and N– is watching my baby even as we speak. Thank the Lord for good friends. I mean that.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: August 18, 2008

Thursday night I made my triumphal return to the gym. It was unimpressive. I spent forty-five minutes on the treadmill, then went home.

One thing of note: there was no one there for childcare, even though we were within the regular childcare hours, so Brian — K– and N–‘s trainer — stepped in and spent the time watching AB. It was pretty funny.

Afterward we met D– at the house for dinner — he brought BWW, because it was Thursday — and we watched Get Smart and played Civ.

Friday night, T– went to dinner with her friend Rebecca, and left me to watch AB. We had some fun together. We had dinner, and played for a while, then went out for snowcones, but she was asleep by the time we got home, so she didn’t get any. Poor thing.

Then T– got home from her dinner date (at a bar downtown), and a short while later D– called and offered to bring us some liquor of our choice, so we requested wine coolers and rum, and he brought sangria and rum, but that was close enough. We drank, and then we watched Get Smart and played Civ.

Saturday morning I’d intended to go to the gym, but K– was busy with work and AB went down for a nap right around the time I got ready, so I decided to stay home. An hour or so later, T– and I walked AB up to the bagel restaurant around the corner, and D– met us there for lunch. It was good. Afterward…well, watched Get Smart and played Civ for most of the afternoon and evening.

We took a break at 5:00 to drive out to the Huddlestons’ place for dinner. We ate burgers and watched Austin Powers and then had ice cream. Then we came home around 8:30 to put AB to bed, and afterward got back to the Civving. Around 2:30 I annihilated my nemesis (the Dutch) about two turns before D– won the game with a Cultural Victory. Then he went home, and I finally went to bed.

Sunday morning I woke up in time for church, then T– and I met D– at Mazzio’s for a lunch buffet. Afterward, I crashed on the couch for a couple hours during AB’s nap, and T– ran out to do some grocery shopping.

We’d recorded Saturday night’s Cowboys preseason game, and invited K– and N– (along with N–‘s parents), and D– and B– and E–, to come watch it with us. T– also made a turkey for dinner, and N– brought some fantastic mac and cheese (and K– brought some scruptious liquor), so we had a fine feast before we started the game.

There was no Civving. For real.

Then this morning I had to wake up early (or, rather, on time) to make it to an appointment with a physical therapist. That went well. The therapist thinks three to four weeks, two sessions a week, should be enough. She said no more than six weeks. I also have permission to keep going to the gym, as long as I don’t do anything that causes pain. Pretty much matches my intentions, so fair enough.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: August 7, 2008

There are those making a big deal about tomorrow being 8-8-08. I think it’s sad that, back in 6 and 7 and 8 A.D., they didn’t yet know that it was 6 and 7 and 8 A. D. But, then, if you think about it, there was a year 666 and a 777 and — I haven’t checked my facts on Wikipedia, but I imagine they were using a modern calendar system by then, so they knew it. Just imagine the fruitcakes wigging out, all year long….

Must’ve been a hell of a New Year’s party, too.

Anyway. Yesterday after work we got together for Wednesday night dinner at Taco Cabana. D– rode with us, and K– and N– joined us once she finished a poorly-scheduled trip to the dentist. They were still able to eat with us, though, and N– even made it to church on time, with T–.

D– and I went back to the house and played Civ, which occupied us for the rest of the evening. When T– got home, she put AB in bed and then made a quick trip to Wal-Mart, then we watched a couple episodes of Boston Legal. It was a fun evening.

I was late getting up again this morning (even without my pain medication), but I just couldn’t get out of bed. Upon further consideration…I’m concerned I’m coming down with something. Something streppy. I’ve got a major headache, I haven’t checked my temperature but I feel feverish, I have a stuffy nose and a really sore throat. I’m hoping it’s just a bad allergy attack — I’ll take some benadryl when I get home tonight, out of sheer optimism — but it feels worse than that.

Ugh. I could do with it, though. I was planning to go back to the gym tonight, for the first time in three weeks, but if I still feel like this when 5:00 rolls around, I’m going home and taking a nap.

Yeah, it’s another whiney post. Sorry about that. In more positive news, my mom decided to read my novel Taming Fire to her students this year as part of their reading program. I just sent her my most recent copy last night. We had talked about it a little a couple months ago and I’d been hoping to get a rewrite in before the time came, but I’ve been unproductive this summer. Alas. It happens. She’s happy with it as-is, though, so the plan moves forward. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: July 10, 2008

Today, it is six months since we joined the gym. In that time I’ve lost about 16 pounds, increased weights on my core workout three times, and increased my maximum sustained sprint (by which I mean jog) from about 12 seconds to about 5 minutes.

This weekend I’m shaving the beard, because six months ago I didn’t have one, and I want to compare my appearance with some Christmas photos — see if I’ve made any visual improvements.

Obviously, that weight loss number is a lot smaller than I would like. I pulled some muscles and hurt my back a couple weeks ago, working in the yard in Tulsa, and so I’ve been taking it pretty slow since then. I’ve also relaxed my rules on sweets a bit too much, so I’m working on getting back to no more than one a day.

And, of course, I need to keep up my gym schedule. I really don’t feel like going tonight, but I suspect I will. It’s just laziness, after all.

Anyway, last night after work I got home and received my new Logitech Harmony 880 remote. It’s a spiffy universal remote modeled after the TiVo controller, and designed to make complicated home theater setups like ours easy to use. I’m just hoping AB doesn’t hide it somewhere we can’t find it (as she’s done with two XBox remotes so far).

For dinner we met at Subway. My little sister brought her family, and D– drove with us, and we met K– and N– there, so we pretty much filled the little restaurant. The sandwiches were good, though. First time I’ve been to Subway in about a month.

Afterward, while everyone else went to church, D– and I drove over to B– and E–‘s. He asked us to bring some milk, as he was on his way to pick up Kahlua in the hopes of making White Russians. Naturally we obliged, and he repaid us by pouring many, many, many White Russians for us (in spite of frequent demands that he not).

We had a good evening, lots of talking about old things. It was about 11:00 when I got home, and then T– was feeling chatty so I was up until midnight (mostly talking about vampires). When she finally let me go to sleep, I drifted off right away, so at least there was that.

I did not feel great when I woke up this morning, though. I can tell you that for sure.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: June 24, 2008

I have been suffering some pretty bad backache for about a week now, and I used that as an excuse to take the week off going to the gym last week.

Well, that and the busyness of having my parents visiting for the second half of the week….

Anyway, yesterday after work I was still hurting, but I figured I had used up my excused absences. I got home and picked up T– and AB, and then we headed over to the Family Expectations building to pick up my niece Sophy (since my sister and her husband were teaching a class), and we took the two girls to daycare at the gym.

Once again, I found that after a week off I could jump right back into my routine, which is encouraging. I also found, again, a pound of weight loss in spite of a week off. That’s pretty good news.

After our workout, we grabbed some McDonald’s for dinner, dropped Sophy off at home, and then went home to crash on the couch. We watched four episodes of Boston Legal and then went to bed. That was my night.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: Father’s Day

This was Father’s Day weekend, and we treated it with the respect and gravity such a significant holiday deserves.

On Friday, T– and I went to dinner at Ole (temporarily my favorite Mexican restaurant, for set-up anyway), and then went back home to wait for her parents to show up. They got in around 7:30, and we talked for a while. We had made tentative plans to go out for a movie Friday night (and let her parents act as babysitters), but T– was concerned they would get bored, showing up so close to AB’s bedtime.

Well, first thing after they came in the door, T– suggested we go ahead and do Father’s Day, so she gave John and I our cards, and handed out presents. John got the first three seasons of Hill Street Blues on DVD, and I got a wireless mouse I wanted and a 3 pound bag of super Twizzlers. The bag is almost as long as AB is tall. Seriously.

Anyway, after that we discussed the movie situation (we had a coupon for free movie, drink, and popcorn that was set to expire that day), and T–‘s parents told her she was being silly. So they stayed home and watched Hill Street Blues while we went to watch Kung-Fu Panda.

Fantastic movie. Probably my favorite Pixar movie. Hilarious, with a strongly developed storyline (even for some of the secondary and tertiary characters), good action and great dialogue. And Jack Black, of course, is awesome. There is no charge for awesomeness.

Even though we picked the 90-minute movie, though, it was after midnight when we got home, so naturally I slept in on Saturday. Still, I had to get to the gym before going over to K– and N–‘s for lunch, and it was set to be an early lunch, so I was up by 8:00, and as I was heading for the door, T– brought up several complications that delayed my leaving by another 15 minutes. I also ended up tasked with getting a coolerful of foods to K– and N–‘s place, when we didn’t really have enough ice to keep it cold.

So I called them both but, it being so early, got no answer. I went ahead and went to the gym (which is right by their place), and about 30 minutes in, just as I finished my strength training, K– called me back and said, sure, I could come by early and dump some food in their fridge.

I went ahead and left then, took the food over and dropped it off, and then decided to try running in their neighborhood instead of going back to the gym. I had been wondering for a while how well my training would translate into real-world running, and it seemed like a good chance to try it out.

There are a few things I hadn’t considered, like the fact that the outdoors isn’t at all air conditioned, and that everyone in the neighborhood was out mowing that morning (which meant a nasty allergy attack). Worst of all, though, I’d never realized their house had been built in the midst of a damn mountain range. What’s a man to do?

No, really, I haven’t been using any incline when I’ve been doing my running on the treadmill, and even the slight elevation of their neighborhood was enough to knock me back a couple weeks in my training. No problem. I’ll go back to the gym tonight, get back in where I’m supposed to be (week 5, day 2), and finish up my training in the gym. At week 9, I should be running 25-30 minutes at a time, and then I can start fancying it up, gradually adding things like incline and increasing my speed. That’s really been my plan all along.

Anyway, lunch was delicious, burgers and dogs, and we had a fun crowd. Afterward we took AB home for a nap and sat around talking for a while, then headed out to do some shopping (Wal-Mart and Michaels, oh joy), and then out to a kitschy Americana restaurant called Pops! for dinner.

It was good. We had an hour wait which was brutal, but the food was good and the place had a fun feel to it. It was far enough out there, though, that it was easily AB’s bedtime by the time we got home. I spent a couple hours played AoC while we watched some more Hill Street Blues, and then got to bed around 1:00.

Sunday morning we went to church, and then T– grilled up some steaks for us for lunch. They were fantastic. After that, I spent pretty much the entire afternoon playing AoC. Her parents headed home around 2 or 3, and we ordered pizza for dinner sometime around 6 (and it was delicious), but pretty much the whole time I was on the couch playing AoC.

Overall, definitely a relaxing Father’s Day. A great weekend all around, really. Thanks to those who made it so.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: 80’s Movies Spectacular

Yesterday for lunch, as has become my ritual, I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for some cheap boneless wings and some AoC on the laptop. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the wireless network on. I’ll give them another week to see if they fix that nonsense, and then I just may cancel my ritual. Jerks.

I’d had the presence of mind to bring a book, though, so it wasn’t a bad lunch. And the chicken, of course, was delicious.

Then after work I took AB to the gym, and T– stayed home to get some work done (she’s been in a frenzy all week, getting ready for her parents to come visit). After strength training, I did the first day of week 5 in my running program, and it went really well. The second day is going to be tough, and the third is going to be a nightmare, but I’m anxious to see if I can manage it (this is the first week that the various days involve different requirements).

Anyway, after the gym, I got home to find K– and N– already there, and D– showed up shortly with a big batch of boneless wings from Buffalo Wild Wings. (Yes, I did know that we’d be having the same thing for dinner, and no, I didn’t mind at all.) I suggested that we watch the next movie in our 80’s marathon, and we settled on Flight of the Navigator, one of N–‘s picks.

Okay, here’s the thing with that. D– suggested over dinner a couple months ago that we should spend the summer watching our favorite movies from the 80’s.

The idea evolved gradually. We started out with a pretty simple rule: our “favorites” should be movies that we liked during the 80’s, not just movies made in the 80’s that we like now. The reason being, movies that we like now (with the availability of DVDs and whatnot), we watch pretty frequently. Not a season goes by that I don’t watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and usually some subset of this group of friends is forced to sit through it with me. Same goes for The Three Amigos and any of the Fletch movies.

So, 80’s movies that we liked back in the 80’s. When we started throwing out names, there were way too many, so we decided on 3 movies apiece. Some negotiations were made whenever more than one of us wanted to pick the same movie, so that those with longer lists wouldn’t have as much difficulty narrowing it down.

And then, as we got further into the selection process, it became more of an evangelistic endeavor. When K– said, “Well, there’s Tron,” and I said, “Never seen it,” and he said, “You’ve never seen it?!?!” like that, well, he had to pick Tron because, come on, everyone should see Tron.

So that pretty much became the next major rule: out of our lists of childhood favorites, we narrowed it down by polling everyone to find out how many people had never seen each film. We’re not required to pick the least viewed films, but we’re using that as one of our selection criteria.

Anyway, T– hasn’t settled definitely on her 3 yet, but she’s hoping her parents’ visit this weekend will help spark her memory. Once that’s done, we’re going to go through a voting process to determine the viewing order, but so far I’ve just been using the right of imminent domain (we’ve watched all the movies at my house) to pick the ones I thought we should see.

The list we have so far (not including T–‘s) goes, in no particular order:
The Abyss (N–‘s pick. 2 people have never seen it)
Adventures in Babysitting (My pick. 2 people have never seen it)
An American Tale (N–‘s pick. 1 person has never seen it)
Bladerunner (K–‘s pick. 3 people have never seen it)
Field of Dreams (N–‘s pick. 1 person has never seen it — me)
Flight of the Navigator (N–‘s pick. 2 people had never seen it)
Goonies (D–‘s pick. 2 people had never seen it)
Ladyhawke (My pick. 2 or 3 people have never seen it)
The Last Starfighter (My pick. 2 people have never seen it)
The Lost Boys (D–‘s pick. 3 people have never seen it)
Real Genius (My pick. 2 people have never seen it)
Running Man (K–‘s pick. 2 people have never seen it)
Tron (K–‘s pick. 2 people have never seen it)
Young Guns (D–‘s pick. 3 people have never seen it)

There’s an extra movie in there for me (Ladyhawke) and N– (An American Tale). We haven’t fully narrowed down our lists to three yet. I toyed with suggesting that we expand our selections to our favorite four movies, but then I looked at a calendar, and realized that would stretch our summer to the end of October.

We’re sort of watching a movie every Saturday night that we’re all in town (T– and I being the ones most often missing). I like Thursdays, too, but it can be tough to talk K– and N– into staying out too late on a school night. Luckily, 80’s movies tend to be in the 75-90 minute range, instead of the 2 hour plus stuff we’re making today.

Anyway, that’s our 80’s movie thing. Now you know what’s going on. We watched Flight of the Navigator last night, and it was pretty good. I can definitely see why kids would have loved it back then. I was pretty critical of it during the movie, but that was the Crown Royal talking.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: June 11, 2008

So, I did go to the gym last night.

As I said, it was the first time in a week. I’d had a pretty active day last Thursday, working on the house in Tulsa, but that was it for the week. Anyway, I’ve been tracking my weight, as I’ve made quite clear on here, and last Tuesday I was at 232. I started the year at 244, so that was a 12 pound loss on the year. Then I took a week off from going to the gym, and I had more than one high-calorie day during that week from indulging in sweets. Thursday was one of them (and I’m pretty sure I made up for it with the 9-hour workout), but it wasn’t the only 0ne.

Anyway, on Sunday I weighed at home, and was surprised (for the reasons just given) to find I’d lost a pound during the course of the week. I weight in at 231. Then, last night, I got on the scale at the gym expecting that 131 to be one of those “minor fluctuations,” but the gym scale put me at 230. So, nice. That’s the lowest I’ve been in at least three years.

Buoyed a bit by that, I did my strength training and then, once again without K– for support, I got on the treadmill to try my third day of week 4 for the third time. I finished it this time, and the week off probably helped more than it hurt, because I’d been having persistent pain in my calves for the last week that I’d spent running, and it wasn’t really there last night.

So, yeah, that’s a lot of detail you’re probably not interested in, but I went to the gym last night and I finally finished a jogging segment that had been giving me difficulty for a while. That’s encouraging. I’ll start on week 5 tomorrow night if I’m not in Norman (and Saturday if I am).

After the gym, D– picked up a mega-burger for the three of us for dinner, and we watched and eveningful of Lost while I played AoC and D– messed around with Linux on his laptop. It was a fun night.

Journal Entry: June 10, 2008

Friday afternoon, I left work early and dropped by the mall to pick up some new t-shirts, then went to get a haircut (always a pleasant experience). When all that was done, I still got home around 4:00.

T– took AB to a church Ladies’ Night Out sort of a thing at the mall, after meeting N– for dinner. Meanwhile, D– and I went to Ole, and I enjoyed their free queso once again. I recommend the place highly, if only for their setup.

Afterward, D– and I grabbed snowcones, and then played AoC until T– got home. At that point he went home (tired of trying to play a high-end game on a laptop), and I moved out to the living room to watch some Lost with T–. While we were doing that, I played a high-end game on a laptop.

Saturday morning I’d offered to watch AB for T– while she went to a big sale with my little sister. It was easy enough, because she was kind enough to schedule her shopping to overlap AB’s nap. As a result, I got to spend most of the time she was gone playing games.

Of course, as soon as T– got home, that was over. She had a big playdate scheduled for the afternoon, with E– and the Nances and several of the young moms from church invited over for a “pool party.” It took place entirely in the back yard, so she and I spent the morning and afternoon getting it ready.

As part of that, we were moving a lot of the less-attractive elements from our back porch (things like the lawnmower) into the garage. We also still needed to get the quadrillion-pound air conditioner that we’d brought from Tulsa out of the van and stored somewhere semi-permanent, and the only reasonable place for it was occupied with a massive pile of junk that had accumulated over the course of our last five or six trips to work on the house in Tulsa.

So, in addition to helping T– with yard work, I ran up to Wal-Mart to buy some new storage shelving, then committed a big chunk of my Saturday to setting it up and coordinating a lot of the mess. By the time I finished, our cluttered garage was a lot more organized. D– came over to help me unload the air conditioner and we tucked it into the newly-emptied corner, and had room for everything else besides.

T– had asked me to make an appearance at the playdate, but it being all-girls, she didn’t require me to spend much time on it. Which is a good thing, because it was outdoors…and I’m not a fan. Toby came, too, bringing his family, so he and I spent the two hours in my office, working on a programming project. Primarily, he was trying to get my computer installed with all the software necessary to collaborate on a big project we’re starting. I’m looking forward to it.

After they left, I’d intended to spend much of the evening playing AoC, but I got a call from K– asking if we wanted to carry on our 80’s movies review, and that sounded just capital. K– and N– picked up some P F Chang’s for us, and D– came over, and we watched The Goonies, which neither of the girls had seen before. It was a fun evening.

Sunday after church, we five met up again for lunch at Friday’s, then split up again. I did some more house work, patching up the open ceiling of the creepy closet on the back of our house, and cleaning up all the loose insulation that had fallen down into it. Afterward, T– went shopping while I watched AB and played some more AoC. Later in the evening, we watched some more TV and retired early.

Last night was much the same. When I first got home from work, I spent half an hour playing with AB, practicing her dragon roar and quizzing her on face parts (she definitely knows where her hair and nose are, but she’s pretty hazy on ears and eyes). Then I think I played AoC while she took a nap.

This week is VBS at church, evenings, and for the first time they’re not offering adult classes, so after T– dropped AB off, she found herself with an hour of unexpected free time. We spent most of it in the Customer Service Desk waiting line at Wal-Mart, after watching a pretty funny half of an episode of King of the Hill. Then we went up to the church for the end of VBS, and watched N– and K– on-stage for the evening’s sketch, which involved the giving of the Ten Commandments.

Afterward we compared notes, and learned that we’d been present for all of N–‘s collegiate and post-collegiate stage performances. Apparently she did something in high school that — she being many thousands of miles away and, at the time, completely unknown to us — we didn’t bother to attend. That’s the only one we’ve missed. And she has that on video. Yay.

Anyway, we got home from church and it was already 9:15, so we watched an episode of Lost and bemoaned the fact that it was too late for another, and then went to bed.

There’s no gym in any of that, as you may have noticed. Last time I went was one week ago. I don’t really mind, but I may by the time I try to do my run. K– will be there to make me finish it, too. Ugh. Anyway, I’m doing that right after work tonight. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Journal Entry: June 3, 2008

After work yesterday I stopped by the mall to pick up a new batch of protein shake mix, because that’s one of the things I’ve been doing for the last four months in my never-ending quest for fitness (ahem). Anyway. K– donated some old protein shake mix back when I first started (Champion brand, Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavor), and since then I’ve tried several brands and Champion is the only one I like.

I’ve also tried several other flavors, but never by choice. Everywhere I’ve gone to buy so far has had a severely limited selection. I checked the Champion site online, and they sell the mix for $10 more than I can get it in stores, even before shipping, so that wasn’t a great idea.

Anyway, I was at the mall a couple weeks ago getting new running shoes, and while I was there I spotted a store that sold Champion Whey and happened to have a selection of flavors. The last jug I’d gotten was Chocolate (like I said, the only flavor in the store), and not as good as the stuff K– had given me.

This place in the mall had both of those, plus Vanilla, Strawberry, Tropical Punch, and Banana. I almost got Cookies ‘n’ Cream again, because I’d liked it so much, but I figured I should try something new. Strawberry sounded pretty good, but K– had said that his favorite (and he’d tried them all) was Banana. Even though I’m not a fan of RL bananas, I decided to give it a go.

With some amount of trepidation, I tried my first new shake this morning. You know what it tastes like? Moon Pies. That is damn fine! Damn fine indeed.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff.

Oh, wait, no. I did do more than buy shake mix last night. After I dropped it off at home, T– and I went up to the gym, although neither of us was terribly enthusiastic. I weighed in at 232 (which is the lowest I’ve done so far, and a 12 pound loss on the year), then did all my weight training, and then tried to do my third day of week 4, but it just wasn’t in me. I didn’t have K– there to shame me into finishing, either, so I gave up halfway through, walked an extra five minutes just to get in some cardio for the day, and then told T– I was ready to go home.

We picked up pizza for dinner (Mazzios’ Monday night special), and met D– at the house for dinner. Then we rewatched last Thursday’s Lost finale at T–‘s suggestion. That took up pretty much the whole night.

Oh! I also ran by Wal-Mart during the day to get a new battery for my watch, which I’ve gone without for over a year just because I didn’t take the time to go get a new battery. Lazy. Anyway, got the new one yesterday and I’m loving having a watch again. I also picked up a new battery for our bathroom scale while I was there, and I tested it yesterday and got the same weight on it as the one at the gym. So…that’s a thing.

After Lost, though, D– went home to pack for his business trip, and I went to bed. It was a short evening.

Other than that, it’s just things and stuff (for real this time).